Are You feeling overwhelmed?

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you feel that you are striving but never arriving? In this episode of Glass Half Full I am joined by Nicole O’Connor The Founder of Pink Sky Leadership. Pink Sky Leadership provides strategic lifestyle advising for high achieving leaders so that you can feel more clear, confident and follow through […]

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The Ego.

In a previous post I talked about the first step in finding inner peace, finding your authentic self and knowing when you are enough is mastering your ego.In his book Ego Is The Enemy, Ryan Holiday stresses the point that ego is the enemy. It’s wrecked the careers of promising young geniuses.It’s evaporated great fortunes

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Mastering The Ego

The ego is a demanding force that is never satisfied.The ego demands that we need more money, more stuff, more power.The ego means that we describe ourself by what we have, what we do, the material things we accumulate.The ego means that we are always striving but never arriving because the ego wants more, more,

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The Objective Observer

Like most people you may love to surround yourself with people who offer you praise. It is nice to receive encouragement and support from the people you surround yourself with. Now here is the interesting question. Why is it so difficult to offer the praise, encouragement and support to yourself?You may identify who you are

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It is OK to feel stuck

During a recent conversation, it was mentioned by a friend that they felt stuck.I asked if it is OK to feel stuck.There was a look of surprise on my friend’s face and they asked what is good about being stuck. My response was this:How about flipping the thinking about being stuck, and seeing it as

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