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Your future is not your past

Let’s face it, life throws us many challenges.
How we deal with those challenges has a major impact on our future.
If we continue to think about past experience and feel the emotions linked to those experiences we cannot begin to move towards a brighter future.
We get in a loop where our thinking creates feeling and our feelings create thinking.
To create a brighter future we have to change the way we think.

Emotion is energy in motion.

Every emotion we feel sends out a related energy.
There are nine basic emotional states that we all experience.
I have listed them below with apathy being the lowest energy emotion and peace being the highest energy.

If we live a rich and meaningful life we will experience all of these emotions.
The problem is if we become stuck in one of low energy emotions such as apathy, grief, fear, lust and anger.

To enjoy a brighter future we have to let go of the emotions that are holding us back.

Looking forward to helping you create a brighter future

Whenever the time is right for you I look forward to you helping you create a brighter future.
It could be an inspirational post.
An inspirational podcast
Or maybe working 1-2-1.






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