Mastering The Ego

2 minute read | October 8, 2023

The ego is a demanding force that is never satisfied.
The ego demands that we need more money, more stuff, more power.
The ego means that we describe ourself by what we have, what we do, the material things we accumulate.
The ego means that we are always striving but never arriving because the ego wants more, more, more.
The ego means that we focus on 'I'.
We focus on what we want.
Ego is our false identification.

When we let go of Ego.

When we let go of ego we become our authentic self.
We think about how we can serve.
We do things without asking or expecting anything return.
We experience less stress, anxiety, depression.
Opportunities show themselves because we are not forcing them.

Let go and watch for the clues.

Let go of the ego and watch for the clues.
How do I know letting go works?
Because I did.
My aim is to make a positive difference to one millions peoples lives.
A few years ago I thought this had to be me or as ego would say 'I'.
'I' was important.
At the time I was doing talks, workshops, seminars and working 1-2-1 with people.
Oh, 'I' was so important.
It was stressful.
I was striving but never arriving.
Then I decided to relax, meditate and clear my mind and received this message from a higher source.

Park your ego.

This was the message.
Park your ego it does not have to be you.
You have worked for various radio stations, now is the time to launch your own with the focus on personal development and well-being.
Share you vision with others.
Be the person that brings people together.
The result was the launch of Yowah Radio (your well-being & happiness radio station).
Sharing the idea with others meant we built a team of inspirational people from around the world.
We have featured over 400 inspirational guests sharing their stories and insights about well-being and personal development.
Letting go of the ego.
Serving others and asking for nothing in return has helped make a positive difference in many peoples lives.
If you are reading this and asking how many people?
Guess what?
You are coming from EGO.
Let go and enjoy the journey.
Enjoy an amazing day.

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