The Ego.

1 minute read | October 9, 2023

In a previous post I talked about the first step in finding inner peace, finding your authentic self and knowing when you are enough is mastering your ego.
In his book Ego Is The Enemy, Ryan Holiday stresses the point that ego is the enemy.

It's wrecked the careers of promising young geniuses.
It's evaporated great fortunes and run companies into the ground.
It's made adversity unbearable and turned struggle into shame
It's name? Ego, and it is the enemy - of ambition, of success, of resilience - Ryan Holiday.

In her book Map Of The Soul. Tricia Brennan says

Ego is not the enemy - but the negative ego is.

What is negative ego?

The negative ego is the part of your conscious mind that is responsible for your negative self- talk.
Professor Stephen Peters in his book The Chimp Paradox he calls the negative ego your chimp.
He also says the ego can support and keep you safe.

Nurture your negative ego.

The key is not to kill off your negative ego but to keep it mature and build a positive one.
If you ever used phrases such as:
I am too old.
I am too to young
I can't do that.
What is the point of even trying.
Don't be such a fool, only other people do that.
Then your negative ego is in charge.
In my next post we will begin to master the ego.

Enjoy an amazing day.

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