A story of belief.

4 minute read | March 3, 2019

Whatever you believe you will be right and you will find supporting evidence to justify your belief.

Where does the evidence to support our beliefs come from .It comes from all around us, the media, friends, our past. Beliefs are a choice; we can choose beliefs that support us Positive Beliefs or those that limit us Limiting Beliefs. For those of you old enough to remember the 11+, (an exam taken at junior school) the result of which determined a place at a grammar school if you passed or secondary school if you failed, here is an interesting story and how it affected the life of one such 11 year old. The day of the results arrived and Graham. His family waited for the letter to arrive through the post. When it popped through the letterbox Mum, Dad and Graham looked at each other thinking it would walk towards them open itself up and give them the result. Eventually Graham opened the letter and the look of shock on his face was a picture as he read that he had passed the 11+ and had been offered a place at grammar school. Dad said, “Well done son that’s a surprise”. Mum just burst into tears. Of course other kids in the street were also getting their letters. Parents and kids were congregating to share the results. Graham went out and it became apparent that he was the only one that had passed and been offered a place at the grammar school. The comments from the kid’s parents were; It must be fixed, how have you done that? You won’t be one of us now. No one from around here goes to grammar school. I hope you enjoy your new friends. Grammar school is only for brainy kids; god knows how you managed it. Graham went to grammar school with a Limiting Belief. A belief that he should not be there. In his first year Graham had the worst attendance record. He came bottom of the class. He feigned being ill so he did not have to endure a day at school. Eventually Graham left grammar school with one O, level and low expectations.  Whilst others went on to university or took on apprenticeships. Graham took a job in an electrical warehouse and it was here that his life changed. One day a director of the business called him into the office and said “Graham I have seen something in you and if you are prepared to work with me I would like you to move into our sales team as I believe you have a great deal to offer. Graham could not believe it. For the first time someone had took an interest in him and he rose to the challenge. He went on sales courses. He read books, and the more knowledge he gained the greater became his Positive Belief.  He watched others, not to pick fault but to learn, he really believed that he was successful as a salesperson and surrounded himself with positive people that in turn built his own Positive Belief. Graham went on to train salespeople. Run successful companies. Opened new markets both here in the UK and Europe. Was life a bed of roses? No there were challenges along the way, but the Positive Beliefs of, I am a successful salesperson. I can do this. I am willing to learn what it takes saw Graham through these challenges. You see that day when the director in the electrical warehouse called Graham into the office, Graham had a choice. He could choose the Limiting Beliefs that had held him back so far and said such things to himself as you must be kidding. I can’t do this. Why me. But he didn’t. He chose a Positive Belief that he could do it and opened up a new thought process that took him on an exciting journey to places where that kid that left grammar school never believed possible. What’s your story, because you can go wherever you want to go. If you truly believe it is possible you can change your BELIEF SYSTEM. You can read this and say to yourself that’s ok I have heard all of this before and do nothing  (I would say no you haven’t. You have not heard Grahams story. Or you could take some action to change your very own belief system Take some time out right now. Yes right now to write down those Limiting Beliefs that have not supported you in the past go for it NOW. OK Now take the time to write out Positive Beliefs that will support you in achieving what you want to achieve. I bet you have not started writing yet. Some of you will be asking how many do I write down? I really don’t know you choose. But my belief is this, if you believe your list will only have one thing on it you will be right if believe you will fill two pages you will be right to. Just open the mind and let it flow. By the way Graham's story is my story. Like to change your limiting beliefs? I would love to help and support you. Be Happy-Be Inspired. Steve    
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