1 minute read | February 23, 2016

All about THE MOJO CLUB.  On Inspire I get to talk with some amazing people. Recently Helen Speak from The Mojo Club joined me live in the studio at Vale Radio. Helen has developed a great game to help you get your Mojo back.


It is a self-development tool in the form of a game that focuses on self-expression and creative thinking. It has many beneficial aspects but for many the top benefit is the much improved self-acceptance. Other players have commented on how, of all the many personal development trainings/tools they have used, Mojo is the one that lets them understand who they really are. The game randomly poses intrinsically simple, yet surprisingly deep questions, and the answers very much depend on the person playing. The questions are designed to challenge both your perspective and your beliefs, promoting individual thinking and allowing players to gain a better understanding of their true selves. It asks us to answer questions which can be incredibly obvious yet truly surprising, and an unexpected bonus is that quite often the answer you seek may come from another player. In this programme I find out more about the game. Play it live on air and enjoy some great music too. Sit back and enjoy.
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