Are wanting and allowing the same thing?

1 minute read | April 11, 2021

Are wanting and allowing opposites or they are a continuum of the same thing? For a moment just feel the difference in your body between wanting and allowing. For example, wanting to go to sleep feels totally different from allowing yourself to sleep. Wanting to eat healthier foods feels totally different from allowing yourself to eat healthier foods.

Wanting something can feel like tension in your body. Allowing feels like letting go. Letting things be.

Think about nature. A Rose does not want to be Tulip. It simply is a Rose. An acorn does not want to become an Apple Tree.  It simply becomes an Oak tree. They are what they are. Allow yourself to be you rather than what you think you should be or want to be. Allowing things to be is less stressful than wanting. Allowing creates time and space to see things in a new light in a new way. Today's suggestion. Allow yourself to do something today, rather than wanting to. Notice the difference in your body. Enjoy an amazing day. Steve  
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