Attitude plays a big part of your success.

2 minute read | May 7, 2013

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” — Jimmy Dean How optimistic are you in all the areas of your life? How often do you take time to think about this, or are you so caught up in day to day activities that you have no time for you? Would you say you listen to the news and get more depressed? Would you say you argue with the radio as you listen to the latest phone in about the latest topic that media has decided to 'share with us today'? Having a positive attitude about life, work, and the people I encounter has always been extremely important to me. Attitude is a huge part of success. The other day I read an article  in it the author offered five tips for being more optimistic (and in turn, improving your overall attitude about life, work, relationships, etc.). I would like to share this tips with you.
1. Stop using negative phrases ... such as "I can't," "It's impossible," or "This won't work." Such statements program your mind to look for negative results.
2. When asked "How are you?" ... respond with "Terrific!" or "Fabulous!" or "I've never felt better!" rather than a depressing "OK" or "Getting by." 3. Stop complaining ... about things over which you have no control—such as the economy, your company, or your customers.
4. Stop griping ... about your personal problems and illnesses. What good does it do, other than to depress you and everyone else?
5. Substitute neutral words ... for emotionally loaded ones. For example, rather than saying “I'm enraged!” say “I'm a bit annoyed”—or, better yet, “I've got a real challenge.”
Rules 1 through 4 came from Jeff Keller, author of the bestseller Attitude Is Everything. Rule 5 comes from Tony Robbins. Be Happy. Be Inspired. Steve
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