Control and Choice

1 minute read | September 7, 2020

Have you ever become angry over something you cannot control? Maybe the late arrival of a train. Being stuck in a traffic jam. Yelling at an airline representative because your flight has been changed. Have you ever wished you were taller or shorter? Maybe you have thought about how life would be different if you were born in a different country. These things are not in your control.  So why waste time and energy being angry. You cannot change the past or the things you wish you had not done or the things you wish had not been done to you. All of these things are in the past. They have happened. You cannot change the past. You can change your future through the power you have in the present moment. You are in control of the choices you make right now. Be clear about the things that in your control. Let go of things that are not. Notice how you feel happier when you let go of things you cannot control. Like a burden that has been lifted from your shoulders, you feel lighter. Focus on the things that you control. Be Happy - Be Inspired.
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