Do your job.

1 minute read | July 26, 2019

Everything in the world has its purpose. You can see this in many ways. As I write this post I am sat in the garden I can see the bee's gathering the pollen, the farmer working in the field, the parcel delivery company delivering a parcel across the way, the birds settling down as dusk falls.

Everything has its purpose.

All of the things I have mentioned are about things doing their job. Have you been doing your job today? Have you been good to yourself? Have you been good towards others? Or have you been moaning and complaining about the things around you? What good did that moaning do? Most probably it caused you to feel stressed, angry or frustrated. If moaning left you feeling like this, the question is why bother? Why not be good to yourself and others. Just do your job, whatever that job may be. Do your job today. Whatever happens. Whatever other peoples jobs happen to be just do yours. After all the Bee's don't plough the field, they simply collect the honey. Be Happy-Be Inspired. Steve  
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