Everyone cannot be number one.

2 minute read | May 11, 2018

Manchester City were recently crowned as Premier League champions. They are number one. This year Ed Sheeran  on more than one occasion was number one in the music charts. At the end of July a rider will be the number one in this years Tour De France. Maybe you have worked in an organisation where someone is seen as number one. If you are at school someone will be number one in your class or in a specific subject.

Everyone cannot be number one. But Everyone can be the best they can be.

I remember having a conversation over dinner with a championship football manager. The conversation centered around how some of the teams supporters viewed his comments after the team had suffered a heavy defeat. The view that the supporters had was that the manager did not seem to care if the team had won or lost. This is what he said to me over dinner. 'I care very much about my team. All I can ask of them is that they perform to their best of their ability. On occasions we may lose a game to a wonder goal or maybe a bad referee decision. We may well be beaten by a better team on the day. How can I be angry with my team if they have performed to the best of their ability?'

Everyone cannot be number one. But Everyone can be the best they can be.

Everyday have this thought in you mind. See how your life changes, when in any situation you be the best you can be. “I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning to sail my ship.” – Louisa May Alcott. For some great inspirational stories including interviews with TeamGB's John Lane and singer songwriter Emily Maguire check out the audio No Storm Lasts Forever. Be Happy - Be Inspired Steve
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