How often are your assumptions wrong?

1 minute read | June 6, 2019

How often do you meet people and think you know exactly who and what they are? How often have you started a project at work or home and know exactly how it will go? I know I have started things that I think I know exactly how it will go only to hit a snag that I did not expect.

Why do we make these assumptions?

It is due to our biases and preconceptions. Biases and preconceptions are a liability. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you start a project or meet someone who you think you know exactly who and what they are. What have I not considered? Why is this situation the way it is? Could I be wrong here? Am I part of the problem? The interesting thing is that we are not as smart or as wise as we think we are. It is wise to consider what we do not know. Being wise comes from questioning and from humility. It is wise to avoid certainty, mistrust, and arrogance. As you consider your tomorrow, question any assumptions you have made. Have a brilliant day. Be happy - be inspired.    
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