Hypnotherapy, the top questions I am asked.

2 minute read | April 12, 2020

In this post, I would like to share the top six questions that I get asked about Hypnotherapy. Number 1. What if I don't wake up? Under hypnosis, you are not actually asleep. There is absolutely no chance of anyone being 'locked in hypnosis forever. Number 2. Will I blurt out my secrets? No, unless of course, you choose to do so. You will always be in control of everything you say and do. You are not under the power of the hypnotherapist and being made to do anything that you don't want to do. Number 3 Will I actually be sleeping? The answer to this one is that you will not be asleep or awake. You will actually between the two. Under hypnosis, all your natural senses will be around 30% more efficient than usual. You will be fully aware of what is going on at all times. Number 4. When in hypnosis, will I do things against my will? A person in hypnosis is in total control of the situation at all times. Number 5. I am not sure if I can be hypnotised. I tried it before and it didn't work. Can anyone be hypnotised? The answer to this one is yes they can albeit wth the following three exceptions. Young Children under 5 years of age. People who are severely mentally disturbed. People who choose not to be hypnotised. Number 6. What type of things have you helped people with? I have helped  people overcome the fear of flying. I have helped people to make healthier eating choices. I have helped people to stop smoking. I have helped people to stop nail-biting. I have helped people overcome the fear of public speaking. I have helped people let go of anger. I have helped people to stop emotionally eating. I have helped people to be more confident. If you would like to arrange a Hypnotherapy session and see how it can transform your life I would love to hear from you. Simply contact me via this link. Be Happy-Be Inspired. Steve Twynham
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