I Remember The Day.

3 minute read | July 16, 2017

I remember the day when I almost decided to give up my work as a coach. I had been on a weekend workshop. The workshop was part of a one year coaching program. As the weekend drew to a close all participants were asked how much we had learnt about coaching over that weekend, the measure being a scale of 1 to 10. For example a participant may have been a 3 before attending the weekend, but now a 6.  Many who enrolled on the course used these similar numbers. When I was asked, this was my reply. "I always believe you learn something. Therefore I would say I was  8 and now 9". Then I said "but asked me how I feel?"

How did I feel?

I felt the course made coaching to academic, too complicated and if this is what I needed to do to continue my work as a coach, then it was time to leave. I would like to mention that I already had a diploma in coaching. A diploma achieved over a twelve month period. My answer that the course made coaching sound so complicated was not very well received by the tutors. I understand they held a major debrief on the Monday following the course.

Back to Sunday.

On my drive home I began thinking about what road my life would take now? I arrived home. My wife Ann could see that something was wrong and asked if I was OK? I shared my experience saying that coaching is not for me if that is what you have to do.

One of those moments!

Then life shared one of those moments. One of those moments when it gives you a clear message. Staring at me, or was I staring at it was a book. A book  I had had for sometime. A book I had never read. The book was called The Naked Coach by David Taylor. There was a clear message saying, Steve pick up this book now. I mean right now. I did just that. The book fell open and I read the following words: "Oh how people make coaching so complicated. Coaching is a simple process. Help someone know where they want to to go/be. Know where they are now right now. Know what they have to do, to get where they want to go/be. And do it!' In an instant my life changed again. I was back in the game. Let me say right now. Of course there are skills a coach needs to have. The 'tools in the toolbox'. Having the tools is not enough. Ticking a box and passing an exam are not enough. Just like a technically gifted musician or singer who passes every music exam who Demonstrates academic competence yet is unable to build rapport with an audience, a coach who relies on an academic qualification, but is unable to build rapport, is unlikely to be successful in helping someone make a positive change. A musician who holds an audience has charisma, builds rapport and leaves you feeling good is an artist. For me the same applies to coaching. Coaching is not a science. Coaching is an art. Maybe you are having one one those days? Maybe you are feeling stuck? Maybe the simple process of coaching highlighted in this post can help you move forward? Whatever you you like to change. I look forward to helping you get there. I will leave you with this one thought? If you could only earn a living one way for the rest of your life, what would you chose to do? And.....if you are not doing it. What is stopping you? Be happy - be inspired. Steve  
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