Ignore the dream stealers.

1 minute read | July 9, 2013

A few weeks ago I talked about never let anyone steal your dream. Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Pete Dunnill. Pete has amazing story about how he changed his life and is now living the life he really wants. Many people tried to steal Pete's dream but he persisted, continuing to take those small steps in building a part-time business alongside what he was currently doing. Over time those small steps meant his 'little part-time' business produced a full time income. Pete said goodbye to working the 90 hours a week that he used to do his previous full-time role. Today some people still see Pete doing that little part-time thing!!!! That little part-time thing generates a turnover of millions and a substantial residual income. Pete never let anyone steal his dream. If you would like to listen the interview with Pete. Here it is.
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