Inspirational Book of The Week – Breathe With Ease.

1 minute read | April 25, 2019

In this fifteen podcast, I talk with Alison Waring about her new book Breathe with Ease. Alison suffered from Asthma and made major changes to her life. In this inspirational book, Alison shares valuable information that may help change the lives of many. “I can’t breathe!” Suddenly, only one thing matters—breathing. You are reminded that breathing, this unconscious, taken-for-granted activity is vital. If you suffer from asthma, another respiratory condition or anxiety attacks, breathing—or the fear of not being able to breathe—can begin to dominate your waking hours. Do I have my inhaler? Will this activity be strenuous and cause me to get out of breath? Will I be in a smoke-filled environment? Most approaches to asthma are remedial, dealing with asthma attacks after they happen. Others require long-term usage of steroids and other medicines. Breathing affects everything when it goes wrong. But the way you manage (or fail to manage) your breathing, body, emotions, nutrition, and mind before an attack dramatically affects your ability to breathe with ease consistently and comfortably. Your breathing behaviour can be easily transformed with simple practice. When you learn how to breathe effectively you can reduce your stress response, which has a profound effect on your overall health. This step-by-step guide, based on more than twenty years of personal research, experience, and professional practice, shows you how to breathe with ease naturally. The practical Dynamic Breath Release exercises and the Breathe with Ease Method equip you to manage your body, emotions, nutrition, mind, and breathing. Applying these natural tools will not only prevent breathing challenges but allow you to flourish—making every breath count for you, your future and your family. Stop waiting in fear for the next attack, start breathing with ease… Enjoy the podcast.
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