It’s not about the biscuits?

2 minute read | January 10, 2019

Once more the digital clock showed the time at 2.20am. It was uncanny how Jack woke around this time every morning. Jack silently got out of bed opened the bedroom door and in complete darkness made his way downstairs. Opening the fridge door he poured himself a glass of milk. Leaving the fridge door slightly ajar to provide a little light he began the hunt for the biscuits. Where had Sally hidden them this time? The biscuit tin was the obvious place to look. They were not there.

Jack found the fig roles.

Then Jack found the fig roles. Sally had hidden them in a bowl just behind the table mats. Jack ripped the pack apart. Devouring not one or two but the whole packet. A whole packet of fig roles washed down with a glass of milk. Closing the fridge door Jack began to think about how he could replace the fig roles before Sally realised they had gone.

Sliding silently back to bed.

Jack slowly slid back into bed. Then it started. Jack began to feel guilty about what he had just done. Once again he had made this early morning trip. What on earth was going on?

It was not about the biscuits.

Jacks early morning visits to enjoy the biscuits had become a habit. A habit that was not supporting him. A habit that was adding to Jacks feeling of a lack of self worth. His anxiety about the work he was doing. Being accepted by his work colleagues. A lack of confidence in his own ability and skills. Jack knew he could not go on like this. He was waking up feeling tired and sluggish. His weight was increasing.

Jack decided to seek help.

Jack began working with a coach and hypnotherapist. He broke the habit of the early morning vigil. He regained his confidence. Self worth and felt less anxious. Jack began to feel good about himself.

It was not about the biscuits!

Be Happy- Be Inspired Steve  
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