Is perfection holding you back?

1 minute read | August 11, 2019

I love this quote 'Perfection is the enemy of action'

What does this actually mean? Imagine wanting to do something. It may be to wanting to: Write your own blog. Start your own business. Booking that holiday. Eating more healthier. Taking more exercise. Whatever it may be, you never start because you want everything to be perfect. Many have great ideas but never start because they want everything to be perfect, if there is even such a thing. Whatever you would like to do your pursuit should be aimed at progress, however little that is possible to make. How do you make progress? By making a start. Wishing you well in whatever you start today. Like to join the Be Happy-Be Inspired podcast tribe? Simply click on the link below. The Be Happy-Be Inspired Podcast. Be Happy-Be Inspired. Steve
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