Life Coaching

1 minute read | April 12, 2020

Life coaching incorporates personal coaching and work-based coaching in the fact that they are both connected. What happens in someone's personal life has an effect on how they carry out their work. Equally what happens in the work environment has an effect on someone's personal life. Life Coaching looks at all aspects of life. These include: Health. Relationships with close family. Money. Relationships (other than family). Contribution. Vision. Career Personal Development. Many seem to make Life Coaching complicated and shroud it in mystery. For me, it is a simple process that brings transformation. This is the process: Know where you would like to be. Know where you are right now. Know what you have to do get to where you want to be. And do it. If you are looking to make a change and transform your life I look forward to working with you. Simply contact me from this link. Be Happy-Be Inspired Steve Twynham    
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