So what is it like to be an actress…

1 minute read | October 14, 2014

In this podcast I talk with Leandra Ashton about her life as an actress.

What is like to be actress?

In this inspirational podcast Leandra talks about how she turned her dream into a reality. The challenges along the road and how she formed the theatre company The Flying Cloud. There is a well-known saying ‘remain focused on your goal, but be flexible in your approach’. Leandra’s journey is a true example of this saying. Maybe you have considered being an actor or an actress. Maybe you know someone who has the desire to be part of this exciting profession? Enjoy this podcast. It just may be the podcast that helps you follow your dream, whatever your dream may be. I began by asking Leandra if it had always been her dream to be an actress...

More about Leandra

Leandra Ashton combines her skills as actor, director and playwright to coach individuals and organisations to optimum communication. She has over 14 years’ experience working with a range of individuals and organisations including The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, AXA, Legal & General, Sony and the UK Delegation to the United Nations. Leandra founded Flying Cloud in 2009 with the aim to ‘liberate potential through creativity’ and has since produced two new plays and run several programmes of free community workshops across the North of England.
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