Meet Will Power

2 minute read | May 20, 2017


Will Power is an interesting character.

Maybe you have met Will Power recently as you set off on your journey to make a change? The change may have been to stop smoking, lose weight, go to the gym on a regular basis or be more confident in front of others.

Go on Will Power say’s, you can do it!

Guess what you do it. At least you do it for a period. A period before you reach for the next smoke, that inviting triple chocolate muffin or sit on the couch rather than go to the gym.  Maybe take a day off work. Sabotaging yourself because you were due to make a presentation or attend an interview. You know the subject, you simply lack the confidence to share your expertise with others. Another opportunity slips away. Whatever the change you want to make. You know it makes sense. Information is all around you. You know what to do. Yet you slip back into the old habits. Will Power is not enough. The reason for this is simply this.

Imagination wins over logic.

Our imagination still tastes or smells the cigarette. The imagination can still feel the texture, the taste and see the gooey middle of the triple chocolate muffin. Your imagination see’s you stumble over your words as you meet the people with whom you want to be confident with. To change an unwanted habit we must be motivated at a subconscious level. I will talk more about this in my next blog post.

Remember.  Will Power does not have a great track record of changing an unwanted habit.

Steve Twynham Be Happy - Be Inspired. Steve
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