Nothing changes until you change this.

1 minute read | April 12, 2017

A common thing I hear when working one2one with clients and at workshops, is that life would be better if I moved to another town or city. Life would be better if I changed my job, my relationships, my hair, my car. The thought being that if these things were changed, my life would change for the better. While these are great positive thoughts,

Nothing will change until you change this.

Nothing will change until you change your mind.

There is nothing as powerful as a changed mind.

Until you see the world in a different way all that will change by moving to another town or city, changing your job, changing your relationships, your car is to change the external things in your life. Without changing the internal things, your mind. Nothing will change. The same patterns will reappear, time and time again. Once again you will begin thinking about how things would be different if you moved again, changed your job, your car, your relationships. The cycle starts all over again. Stress

Until you change your mind, nothing will change.

The question is what are the unwanted behaviours that you would like to change? What direction would you like your life to take? Is it time to change the way you think? Is is time to be happy? Is it time to be inspired? Have a wonderful day. Steve
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