Rugby on Everest!!!!

1 minute read | March 14, 2019

Rugby on Everest!!!!!

Yes you have read that right. Today I had the pleasure of talking with Rugby World Cup winner Tamara Taylor. However we were not talking about the Rugby World Cup or the Six Nations. The conversation was all about Tamara's next challenge.

Playing rugby on Everest.

Along with rugby professionals Lee Mears, Ollie Phillips and Shane Williams MBE, Tamara will be playing rugby at 6500 metres at the advanced base camp on Everest. In this 15 minute podcast Tamara shares the reason why the challenge is happening and the work of the  charity Wooden Spoon-the children's charity of Rugby. If you would like to support Tamara here is a link with some more information about this exciting challenge. Enjoy the Podcast.
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