Simple thing makes a real difference.

2 minute read | March 1, 2018

Simple things make a real difference in achieving success in whatever you choose to do. Thomas Henry Huxley the nineteenth century English writer said: 'Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the the things that you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not.' I remember when I was a young salesperson making calls late on a Friday afternoon. I vividly recall a store manager saying to me: 'Steve, what are you doing calling on a Friday afternoon. I thought you would be on the golf course right now like most of the people that do what you do.' I believe this is what Thomas Henry Huxley meant. I was doing what I ought to do, whilst others did not. How did that help me? It helped me develop a future as a Sales Manager, then Sales Director before moving into General Management.

Simple things make a real difference.

In life things are easy to do and equally easy not to do. We all have choices. The quality of our lives is shaped by the quality of the choices we make and the decisions we take. The decisions about the career we choose, the people we choose to have in our lives, the books we read, the things we eat, the videos we watch, the exercise we take and the thoughts we think during the hours of our days. It is easy to do the most comfortable. The most convenient thing is to just drift along in life like a leaf floating in a stream. Equally it is easy to do the things that will help shape your life. To live your life on your own terms. A great question to ask is this: Are the life choices I am making moving me in the direction I want to go? It takes self-discipline to do the things you ought to do to. It take self-discipline to make the changes you want to make. After all I could be watching T.V instead of writing this blog post! What simple things could you start today that would; Improve your health. Your work relationships. Your family relationships. Your career.  

Simple things make a real difference.

Be Happy - Be Inspired. Steve    
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