Striving But Never Arriving.

2 minute read | November 2, 2017

So many people live their life in pursuit of happiness. They are

Striving but never arriving.

For a moment just close your eyes and think about the opening sentence, 'so many people live their life in pursuit of happiness'. If you live your life like this in pursuit of happiness you will never find it. It will always  be ahead of you. You are always chasing happiness. You are always pursuing happiness. Happiness is always ahead of you. I recall a conversation I had with a friend of mine. My friend like a lot of people worked in the goal orientated world. Let me say right now that I truly believe there is nothing wrong with setting goals. My question is this, does achieving a a goal bring you happiness or pleasure? Back to my friend. The question I asked him was this. What makes the weekend good for you? The response was 'My weekend is good if I have hit my weeks target'. So the weekend was good if he had hit the weeks target, not so good if he had missed it. Come Monday it started all over again with the next weekend depending on the weeks results. My friends life was driven by achieving a target, a goal. His mood determined by the achievement of that goal or not. I would suggest the happiness he felt was not happiness. It was pleasure, my friend was:

Striving but never arriving.

The treadmill continued. Constantly chasing the next target. Achieving the goal is not the end of the journey. The goal, dream or task, whatever you want to call it is about your personal journey. Our personal growth is bigger than the goal. True happiness is about living a life of meaning and purpose. I will leave you with this thought. If you stripped away the material things in your life. You couldn't say I am a solicitor, an accountant, a salesperson, a postman, a shop assistant, a bus driver, a mum, a wife, a  father, or whatever you do. Who is the real you? Enjoy reflecting on your thoughts. The answer that comes may well be a surprise to you. Find a peaceful place and for just five minutes close your eyes and reflect. Happiness is more than a weekend. Be Happy - Be Inspired.  
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