The concrete overcoat.

1 minute read | September 12, 2022

Many years ago I remember working with a new salesperson who had recently joined the company I was a sales trainer for.

Together we made a number of customer calls.

After the third call, I suggested we stopped to enjoy a coffee.
In a light-hearted way, I asked, how heavy is your coat?
The response was "not that heavy, why do you ask"?
Well, it looks like you are wearing a concrete overcoat, making things a little harder than they need to be.
How about taking off the concrete overcoat and enjoying the moment, enjoying the day, and dealing with whatever comes our way?

The change was dramatic.
Suddenly I was with a different person.
We enjoyed an amazing day.
Did everything go our way?
Definitely not, but together we learned so much.

How heavy is your coat today?

Enjoy an amazing day.
Be Happy- Be Inspired.
Steve T

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