The Pity Pot Syndrome

1 minute read | August 13, 2022

Let's face it, life throws us many challenges and many experiences.

How we deal with these challenges and experiences is down to the choices we make.

Living a rich and meaningful life means we will experience every emotion.
When something is not how we want it to be it is easy to sit on the pity pot and blame everything and everyone for the way things are.
You probably know someone who is always moaning about this or that.
Someone who sits permanently on their pity pot.

Things happen, and at times we all have a moan.
We all have a pity pot moment and that is ok as long as we don't sit there all day or longer.

So here is a suggestion
When things are not how you want them to be enjoy ten minutes on the pity pot having a good moan for the first five minutes.
For the remaining five minutes ask yourself what can I do to change the way I feel or think about the situation.
Then leave the pity pot, smile, love yourself and enjoy your day.

Have an amazing day.
Be Happy- Be Inspired

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