Three Brothers and Bali…

3 minute read | March 21, 2016

Brian, Paul and David were looking forward to planning a trip to Bali. All three brothers were very excited about the trip to paradise, sun, beaches and good times. Brian was the brother who really liked the plan, he was the organiser. Brian went out and bought the pocket guide to Bali. He read through the guide page by page noting all the things he wanted to do,  a visit to the temples, especially Pura Tanch Lot, the temple on the beach. Brian was excited about surfing at Balangan Beach and riding a scooter around the island. He was more excited than ever as he read through the guide. The pocket guide to Bali was sat on the coffee table when Paul came into the room.

How did Paul see things.

Paul picked up the guide skipping through the pages, mainly looking at the temperatures for the time of year. He  looked at the hotels with a pool where he could relax. Paul had already decided the brothers would have a driver if they were to visit places on the island. No way was he driving or riding a scooter in Bali. Paul had heard horror stories of people falling off, being injured and their travel insurance not covering them. Paul also paid attention to the health page, just to note what to look out for.

Then in came David

David arrived home late that night. Picking up the pocket guide he went straight to the ‘survival page’. Immediately the words rabies, dengue fever, travellers diarrhoea and warnings of drinking Arak, citing deaths due to drinking adultriated Arak stood out to him. David was not so sure that this trip to paradise was such a good idea.

David called a trip meeting.

The three brothers got together. Brian and Paul asked what was a matter? David told his brothers that after reading the survival guide he had decided that Bali was not for him. He wished his brothers well but he would take a break in a much safer place. Brian and Paul confirmed there plans. Paul had more concerns now. Especially about the rabies, denque fever and of course falling off the scooter. Brian, well Brian was Brian. He knew what, where and how he was going to enjoy an adventure of a lifetime. Brian and David finally arrived in Bali and checked into their hotel. It was bliss, everything David was looking for. A great pool just a short walk from the beach, an abundance of seafood restaurants, should he decide to visit. Brian loved the hotel too. A great base to explore the island. He went surfing, white water rafting, enjoyed the hospitality of a Balineese family over a lovely meal. David ventured out of his hotel once to walk to the beach. He never went again. Fearing being attacked from the numerous rabid dogs and being knocked down by a scooter, he spent the rest of the holiday by the pool in his paradise.

What about Paul?

Paul enjoyed his break in Cornwall, even though he was stung by a jellyfish and was hit by a surfboard that had lost its rider.

So what is the story?

The story of the three brothers is how we create our own reality. How fears can get in the way of adventure, new experiences, seeing different cultures. Whatever we believe we are right. All of the three brothers were right in what they believed about the trip to paradise. All enjoyed their experiences, even Paul, despite the jelly fish and the surfboard.

The question is this.

Are your beliefs holding you back from enjoying new experiences. From leaving life to the full?


Whatever you believe will be right. Maybe it is time to make a change?
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