What emotion are you hanging on to?

2 minute read | May 15, 2017

What emotion are you hanging on to that is stopping you enjoying your life to the full?

Maybe it is anger, fear, jealousy, self-doubt or resentment. How does an emotion such as anxiety or fear feel in your body? Where do you feel that emotion? What action do you take when you feel that emotion? I felt angry over a situation that occurred in my life far longer than I needed to do. When I felt that anger my stomach would tighten, my shoulders would tighten, so would my jaw. The actions I would take when I felt this emotion included, being quick tempered or taking myself away so I did not have to talk with anyone. This also included making myself busy. A distraction away from painful memories. During this time in my life I had no idea that I had a simple choice. The choice, to hold onto the anger, or let it go. Once I had realised that I was choosing to hold on to the anger, that the people I was angry with were simply getting on with their lives, that the holding onto the anger was stopping me from living a rich and meaningful life. It was time to let it go. Did the letting go of the anger mean that I agreed with what had happened. A definite no. Did letting go of the anger mean I could accept what had happened? A definite yes. After all, continuing to be angry would not change what had happened. In my work, I help people transform their lives by letting go of the things that are holding them back. Enabling them to move forward. To enjoy life to the full. To live a rich and meaningful life. Is it time to let go of the things that are holding you back? Is it time to live the life you really want to live? Is it time to Be Happy – Be Inspired? Check out this inspirational interview with Team GB's John Lane. John let go of being a dark place then went on to become a world champion. Steve
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