What have you chosen to do?

2 minute read | October 15, 2017

What have you chosen to do may seem a strange question to ask. However it is a question that really challenges us. How you ever asked yourself, what is life really all about? The answer to the question is really all about finding our meaning and purpose. This brings me back to my original question.

What have you chosen to do?

Are you following your passion? Living your life with a meaning and purpose? Or are you feeling stuck? Living a life from the ego. A life based on measuring success with what you have rather than who you really are.

Have the wheels fell of your vehicle of life?

Maybe they have never really been on your vehicle and your life is a bumpy journey. A journey that leaves you never feeling fulfilled. We are  born into this physical world with a purpose. Some recognise their chosen purpose early on. Some never recognise there chosen purpose, using such words as, if only, I should have. Let me share this with you, it may just help you on your journey to find your passion to be inspired, to live your life connected to your inner spirit rather than ego.

4160 weeks.

4160 weeks are the number of weeks we will enjoy in this physical world if we live to 80 years of age. For all of us a number of those weeks have already gone. Just for a moment let us take someone who is 50 years of age. 50 multiplied 52 means that  2600 weeks have passed. On average we spend 428 weeks working and commenting to work and 520 weeks sleeping. This leaves us 612 weeks to enjoy life. To do something you love. To feel inspired. To leave a life of meaning and purpose. Or will you use you 4160 weeks and still wonder what life is all about? Always remember help and support is at hand to help you make a change. To let go of the things that are you holding back. The first step begins with you. It is your choice. I will leave this post with one final question. If you could only earn a living one way for the rest of your life what would you choose to do? If you are doing it already that is great. If  not ask yourself why not. Remember those 4160 weeks are passing by. Live your life with passion. Be Happy. Be Inspired. Check out the latest Be Happy- Be Inspired right here. Steve  
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