Would you rather be motivated or inspired?

1 minute read | May 7, 2013

Would you prefer to be motivated or inspired? You see there is a big difference. Motivation is great. No doubt you have attended a seminar or workshop where you have left feeling great. However the motivational peak often falls as quickly as it came. Inspiration is different because it lasts. Inspiration means to be inspirit, in tune with you. Inspiration lasts because something has touched you inside. Something that makes you want to make a change or make a difference. Something that moves you in the direction you really want to go. Would you rather be motivated or inspired? Would you like to be inspired. in tune with the real you? I work with a few people each month who are serious about making a difference or making a change in their life be it health, relationships, career,  or personal growth. If you feel that you would like to make a change take the first step now by emailing steve@stevetwynham.org to arrange a one to one coaching session. Be Happy. Be Inspired.
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