You might not like this but it is true.

1 minute read | May 18, 2013

Time after time when working with organisations large or small a common theme that shows itself is the fear of failure or rejection. Now you might not like this but it is true........people will say no to you. They will say no to what you are offering, they will say no to an idea you might have. The no is not a personal attack on you. The no is to what you are offering or the idea you have. The key is to accept that the no is not a personal attack and that people will say no. Here is a true story about a friend of mine who started a business. He invited 167 people to attend a presentation about the business. 67 people said they would come. 27 people people attended the presentation 10 people joined him as business partners. Of the 10, 3 went to work. Three years after starting the business my friend was earning over £1m per year. Just think what may have happened if after making the first 10 invitations and getting 10 no's he had stopped making the calls? My friend often say's he has had more no's than anyone in his line of work. Why? Because he has spoken to more people than anyone else. Be Happy. Be Inspired. Steve.
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