Who is resisting the change?

3 minute read | June 10, 2017

Who is resisting the change is an interesting question. In a previous blog post Meet Will Power I mentioned will power does not have a great track record of changing a habit. I mentioned that logic is not enough to change a habit and all so often the character will power moves out of our life.

Change at a subconscious level.

To make a change permanent we must be motivated to change at a subconscious level. What does this actually mean? Who is resisting the change that we really want to make? The answer is our subconscious mind. Our current habits. Our mannerisms. The way we think are the result of our past subconscious programming. This programming comes from a number of sources, parents, teachers, peers, co-workers, television and radio, to name just a few.

Towards or away from.

The programming can move us towards success in our lives, whatever success looks or feels like to us. Or the programming stops us despite our best efforts. Once our subconscious mind learns something it has the habit of resisting change. The more we try to force the change, the greater the resistance.

How do we make a change?

To make a change we change the patterns of the subconscious mind. Not by logic, but by imagination. Imagination is the language of the subconscious mind. I remember reading in more than one book on nutrition that 97% of diets simply don't work. Many who have lost weight finding it again in less than two years. Could this be that diets work on the body and not on the mind and if the subconscious mind continues with the same habits the weight returns.  There may even be a more subtle clue in the language we use too. For a moment stop and think.What do you do when you lose something. I would suggest you try to find it. Relate this to someone saying they have lost weight. The subconscious mind will try to find it.

An old CD.

Imagine the subconscious mind as a CD or Mp3. Some are good. They are programmed to to help us breathe, ensure our heartbeats, pump the blood around around our body. This CD is one that we love. After all it would be hard work if we had to consciously remember to do these things. Our subconscious mind is just like that CD or Mp3. It plays out what our programming has put in. All the things mentioned are habits that support us, making our days easier. Through our lives things get recorded to the CD or Mp3. Such things as life is hard. You have your dad's temper. You are just stubborn. Your wasting time trying to lose weight, it runs in our family, we are all big. You are just a waste of space. When our subconscious mind is full of negative programs it is almost impossible to stay in a positive frame of mind. Unless of course we change the tracks on the CD or Mp3. We  must make the change at the subconscious level. Hypnotherapy can help make the change. "A Hypnotherapist who is skilled in the art of hypnosis can greatly enhance a clients ability to replace and rewrite old CD's and to make profound changes in a positive way". C. Roy Hunter - The Art of Hypnosis P.14. What would you like to change? Change your thoughts. Change your actions and you will change your life. For more information on Hypnotherapy check out Life Matters. Be happy - Be Inspired. Steve    
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